The Beard (daysoftaste) wrote in go_frank_go,
The Beard

This may be my first post, but it's a serious one...

I've been commisioned by an indie film company from Maine to write a script.

A new script.

A new script for The Punisher.

To redo the origin.

For, in our opinion, the Lions Gate release sucked.

After being convinced, I accepted.

I accepted one hell of a challenge.

For there is a twist.

A twist so far out there, you would never believe.

Anyone with serious knowledge on the origins of The Punisher, please leave a comment, IM, or e-mail me.

I have many questions.

I've been going comic hunting.

Haven't found what I've been looking for.

Except for maybe the Marvel Knight's The Punisher series.

Oh god, the twist.

The twist, at first, made me say "no".

Other than that, it's supposed to be a mix between 'Citizen Kane' and 'Memento'.

There's only so much I can tell you.

This is for real.
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