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So, just incase you dont know, but im sure you all will the next punisher "one-shot" is released on the 11th of this month. heres the cover so you know what to look out for:

i dont know anything about the storyline what-so-ever, but it looks darn gooood.

also, i FINALLY got my hands on the punisher game last month and completed it, im still working on the insanly hard challange & punishment modes, but oh well. anyway at the end of the game if you watch after the credits theres a FMV with Fisk and Bullseye, in which hints that there will be a squeal and that " new measures must be taken" if that is the case who would you like to see int he new punisher game? i would very much like to see Deadpool (but i heard from places a DP film is in motion...).

Also on a similar note does anyone happen to have a copy of deadpool 55? i have 54 and need to know how it ends.

hope everyone is well and enjoys the monthly update :)
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