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What is justice.......?

Frank Castle

The Punisher
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Hi everyone, since I am a huge fan of The Punisher and there is no community deadicated to Frank and daily happenings I Thought i'd do the honours as it were. Two things this community is more about the comics than the film(allthough it will be discussed)and also no flaming.Period. So i hope we can look foreward to many interesting topics about anything Franky, Favorite issues, news, new releases, merch, anything realy. And i also am not going to advertise this community apart from sending the good people at http://www.thepunisher.com an email so I hope I dont look like too much of a loner in a couple of months with still no members. Well just wait and see. Welcome to The Punisher community.

PS. All pictures taken directly are from MY comic collection and i do not endorse/promote ANYONE using these pictures which on whole are proporaty of Marvel comics. And I hear they have many lawyers.

PPS. Please excuse shit spelling and crappy layout.